Malpani Group started in 1894, and since then, the Malpani Group has made its way into people’s minds through its vivid presence in a variety of industries. The business map of the group ranges from education to health, power generation to social work, farming to finance, transport to tea sectors, hospitality to retail and of course, the entertainment sector. The activities of the Malpani group have always yielded customer satisfaction and development of society. Along with developing the infrastructure of Sangamner, the group has managed to inspire people to dream big, aspire more, and live life to the fullest. For more info visit:


To improve the quality of rural life through professional, material and spiritual advancement.


The mission is simple, yet powerful, “Spreading plenty through transparent practices. Presenting the customer with a wider choice of products”. Today, India is a global economic powerhouse. Urban and Rural consumption is at an all-time high, and increasing. ‘The Malpani Group’ is also an integral and important part of this economic development. The group is planning to expand its product range in its multiproduct FMCG. Its strong rural distribution network lies at the heart of its growth ambitions. Working in tandem with the society to create jobs and opportunities for its young ‘Malpani Group’ is strengthening its diversified business interests in rural areas.
‘The Malpani Group’ is confident that Sangamner will soon become a beacon for those who wish to create a lifestyle, where modern education and entertainment amenities co-exist in a stress free and safe environment. Truly a Healthy, Happy and wealthy City!

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