A champion high-thrill ride that takes excitement beyond boundaries!

The true master of thrill

No prizes for guessing who the best ride in the country is named after! 

Master Blaster is India’s first ever water coaster and an adrenalin-rushing ride on a tube, elevated from a height of 51 feet and sliding down a topsy-turvy trail of almost 700 feet. Feel the master’ strokes as you ride through a series of gripping open and covered tunnels, screaming at the top of your voice, just like the time when you cheered for the little master. 

Is it worth a shot?

Master Blaster is an adrenalin pumping tube ride for 2, filled with unexpected twists, turns and tunnels, enjoyed highly by thrill seeking adults as well as teens. And the best part, it’s named after India’s finest cricketer. Think you can take on this champion of a ride?

Master Blaster High Thrill Ride at Wet N Joy

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