Experience the thrill of India’s Largest Wave pool and Wet N Joy’s most popular attractions!

Water Here! Water There! Water is Everywhere!

Swim, surf or simply chill at India’s Largest Wave pool built over a whopping area of 60,000 square feet, almost the size of a football stadium. Enjoy the 47,000 square feet underwater area and over 13,000 square feet of beach area with 8 different wave levels to ride and a lot of new ways to make a big splash with friends and family. It’s time to enter the world of adventure, so get ready to create amazing memories and explore Wet N Joy water park.

Happiness comes in waves!

Thunder Waves offers you the privilege of being at a beach along with the cleanliness and safety of a pool. Enthusiastic people, take the opportunity to feel the”Real Beach Vibe” at the water park.

Thunder Waves Family Thrill Ride at Wet N Joy